Meet the Mother of Strategy: Hope

Meet the Mother of Strategy Hope.jpg

By Dr. Michael J. Zappa

A mentor of mine is often quoted: "Hope is not a strategy!"

Indeed, there is a world of difference between hoping things will improve and implementing a well thought out plan. However, nothing can ever change or improve unless we can imagine it as such. Once it is imagined, there must be some belief or "hope" that this vision can be realized. Now that's where strategy comes in, making the vision a reality.

As leaders, we must start by inspiring hope, not by asking for the action plan. When your team believes they can make a difference, they will. It is very obvious in healthcare: patients would never come to us without the hope that we can make them better. Hope is not just for our patients, it is for every member of our team.

Human Rights of Hope

  1. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

  2. Hope that I will make a difference.

  3. Hope that persistence and perseverance pays off.

  4. Hope that the underdog does sometimes win.

  5. Hope that someday my hard work will be rewarded.

If you can turn the sparks of hope in your team into a burning flame they will astound you with their talented and brilliant strategy…making your collective vision a reality.