Michael J. Zappa, MD, FACEP

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Dr. Mike Zappa

Dr. Zappa is recognized as a high-energy Senior Healthcare Executive who balances business acumen with clinical expertise to design and implement cost-effective solutions that transcend organizational challenges. Through creative disruption and team engagement he has accomplished cultural transformation in some of the most challenging sectors of healthcare.


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Roundtable discussions, fireside chats, boardroom presentations, large or small venue forums, retreats, whatever setting you choose, Dr. Zappa can customize a program for you. Whether your goal is inspiring your Team, enhancing their skills, kicking off a new project, or commencing a culture change he can facilitate a thought provoking, effective conversation. Tap into his years of experience speaking to diverse audiences: from students to board chairs, at the local, state and national level. Learn More.

Knowing the right thing to do in healthcare is easy — just think what you would want for your own mother or beloved family member; the challenge is the execution and universal application.
— Michael J. Zappa, MD